“Welcome, friend, to the world of Krynn. Step into the River of Time and let it carry you along its slow-moving current as it wends its way through the history of the continent of Ansalon. Be a part of that history, as you join the never-ending struggle between chaos and order. On Krynn, the Gods of Good and Evil war eternally, joined in the battle by mortal beings such as yourself and Krynn’s true children-the dragons.

You may journey with wizards as they risk their lives to take the test that can grant them great power. You may quest with brave knights to prove their honor and worth or discover heroes in ordinary people who fight for their homes and loved ones. Your travels will take you through lands of mysterious ruins populated by terrifying creatures. You may fly on the backs of dragons in the service of your cause, be it good or evil.

The continent of Ansalon is a land of marvelous beauty with a rich and fascinating history. You can choose to fight on the side of good, serve the cause of evil, or work to maintain the balance of the world. You may restore lost knowledge to the people or search for powerful magic artifacts to aid your struggle. You will face the awesome power of enemy wyrms and soar the skies on the backs of dragons that serve your cause.

Welcome to the Dragonlance campaign." – from the DLCS sourcebook

This campaign begins on Friday 6th of November 2015. It will be using the 5e D&D rules alongside the 3.5 D&D campaign materials (plus bits and pieces of homebrew thrown in).

The campaign is envisioned to be one of cooperative storytelling with input from the players playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the world breathes and has a life of its own.

Campaign Resources:

Campaign Specific Races
Character Sheets

Non-Player Characters
Player Characters

Dragonlance - Key of Destiny (5e) - Nottingham

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